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Song Samples:
'Twas Brillig
Song Samples:
A Change in Wonderland
Song Samples:
Humpty Dumpty
Song Samples:
Burbles and Whiffles
Song Samples:
The Sun Was Shining
Song Samples:
To Change That is a No! No!
Song Samples:
In Tulgey Wood
Song Samples:
Ditto Ditto Dum Dum
Song Samples:
Lobster Quadrille

The Jabberwocky

Age Level: Middle Grades to High School
Cast: 14F, 10M
Time: 90 minutes, 2 acts

A musical romp with all your favorite Wonderland characters -- but with a twist! The fabled ferocious Jabberwocky isn’t as fearsome as formerly thought. Can classic characters like Tweedledum and Tweedledee, Humpty Dumpty, the Mock Turtle, and the White Rabbit keep the Red Queen from shouting, "Off with his head!" at the Jabberwocky’s trial? One taste of the Jabberwocky’s dandy candy, "burbles and whiffles," may be just what it takes to secure a verdict of peace. Plenty of crowd-pleasing song-and-dance numbers ranging in style from hoedown to 50s rock to ragtime: "A Change in Wonderland," "Lobster Quadrille," "The Walrus and the Carpenter," "Burbles and Whiffles," and more! Simple but stunning choreography combined with costumes that may be as minimal or intricate as you like make this musical fun and easy to stage.

This title is now carried by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here to order on Pioneer's web site.